Kelly Murphy Mason, Psy.D, M.Div, LCSW - Counseling, Consultation & Psychotherapy
Are you hoping to find new directions in life?
Are you wondering where to turn now?
You have arrived at the right place.
As a licensed psychotherapist, ordained minister, and experienced educator, I am committed to serving people in periods of transition and personal transformation, both through my community endeavors and in my work with individuals.I believe that we all have within ourselves impulses toward growth and healing, so my therapeutic approach is both interactive and empowering. Sometimes, when we feel lost, we're actually in the process of finding out important things about ourselves.
Tapping the internal and external resources available to them, I help people become psychologically and spiritually centered and grounded. I witness them discovering their surest sources of sustenance, comfort, and hope. I assist them in strengthening their emotional connections with others. I can also offer them support, ceremonies, and services that speak to their personal needs. Additionally, I teach continuing clinical education classes and adult enrichment courses to lifelong learners.
Wherever you may be on your path, you are most welcome. I will follow where you lead, to your areas of utmost concern, to your regions of most profound meaning, to those places you feel called to be. As the author J.R.R. Tolkein wisely observed, "Not all those who wander are lost." Some are simply seeking something distinctly, genuinely their own.
Along the way, you need not be alone...