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Are you hoping new possibilities might open for you?

If so, let's make the time to connect.

As an ordained minister, experienced educator, licensed psychotherapist, and spiritual director, I am committed to serving people in periods of transformation, both through my community endeavors and in my ongoing work with individuals. I believe that we all have within ourselves impulses toward growth and healing, so my approach is both interactive and empowering. Rather often, we can bloom where we are already planted. As human beings, we have a unique capacity to flourish.

Tapping the internal and external resources available to them, I help people, groups, organizations, and communities become psychologically savvy and spiritually centered. I witness them discovering their surest sources of sustenance, comfort, and hope as they steadily push down deeper roots. I assist them in strengthening their emotional connections. I can also offer them support, ceremonies, and services that speak to their personal needs. Additionally, I teach continuing clinical education classes and adult enrichment courses to lifelong learners. As my schedule allows, I am available to lead seminars and workshops on psychospiritual topics.

The late A. Powell Davies famously said, "Life is just a chance to grow a soul." Those of us who love life would never want to squander that chance. As you find the ground of your being, I will companion you to your areas of utmost concern, to you regions of most profound meaning, to those places you feel called to be. All these are the most personal of sacred sites and they give you special opportunities to discover precious truths about yourself and life. 

Since 2006, I have been a mental health consultant and guest preacher working with a variety of faith groups in different settings across New York and New England. Today I offer programming that encourages the use of spiritual practices, wisdom traditions, and religious resources in promoting improved resilience and greater human flourishing.

Together, we can cultivate sacred curiosity about our lives...

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