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Areas of Expertise

My holistic approach honors the mind-body-soul connection, and I take delight in providing spiritual companioning and individual coaching to people who value personal integration. In 2022, I completed an apprenticeship with the Phoenix Center for Spiritual Direction, which grounded me in the Evocative Method, and I now act as Trainer/Mentor to apprentices training in that program.  In 2002, I was certified as a yoga instructor registered with the Yoga Teacher Alliance. Teaching clients meditative techniques, "resource tapping", and contemplative practices from both the Eastern and Western traditions is something that brings me great satisfaction.

As a couples counselor, I rely primarily on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). I am certified to offer marriage enrichment and premarital counseling through PREPARE/ENRICH programming and am registered to perform marriages as a legal officiant. Interfaith couples are a particular interest of mine.

For years, I have counseled and mentored spiritual leaders, clergy members, and religious professionals from several different faith traditions. A former client once characterized my role as "the voice of what is real." In 2017, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors gave me a Distinguished Contribution Award for "vital contributions to the field of pastoral care and counseling" and "innovative and visionary leadership" in institutional settings. While I am especially sensitive to spiritual and religious concerns, I am respectful of whatever principles people use to organize their lives, be they aspirations, vows, values, or beliefs.

Ultimately, I trust the transpersonal approach to transformation. I have studied logotherapy extensively and draw insight from a variety of wisdom traditions and spiritual disciplines, as well as from the latest findings in positive psychology and human flourishing. I have been a frequent speaker on the intersections of spirituality and psychotherapy andhave given workshops and lectures at universities, hospitals, congregations, national conferences, and retreat centers across the country and around the world. I have also been interviewed for media outlets such as The New York Post, New York Magazine, and The Boston Globe.

My work is informed by wisdom traditions, religious insights, spiritual teachings, narrative approaches, temperament types, and the discoveries of neurobiology as they inform trauma studies and interpersonal attachments. Clients' signature strengths and unique ways of knowing are readily enlisted when they find those personal expressions which feel most authentic to them.

An anthologized essayist and book critic, I have written for Slate, Beliefnet, The Washington Post Book World, Time Out-New York, and the Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion. I read widely and eclectically; I am always glad to engage in bibliotherapy with clients who are curious about certain subjects. Throughout my career, I have been fascinated by sacred story and narrative knowing; even today, I continue to explore their many therapeutic, educative, and spiritual implications. My essay titled "Like Trees: Cultivating Spiritual Practices" is slated for publication in the 2022 volume, Praying the Poets. I also write book reviews for the SDI quarterly journal Presence.

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